Principal’s Message


A nation will be known by its people and the people will be known by their education and their culture. So broaden

their vision and deepen their roots.

SSRVM focuses on holistic, integral and valued based education. Our aim is to shift from teaching to learning. The

“teacher” is not there to teach & instruct but to guide, facilitate and enable learning.

We believe we should be teaching our children how to be more fully human; to learn and understand how their

minds and bodies work, with the philosophy, mission, values, and goal and later let each child find their own path

to knowledge.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and aims to empower each child with highly competitive skills, and knowledge and

high ethical and social values. So teachers worked together in various training sessions to align their curriculum

and understand Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.

Our Aim is not only to impart an Academic, Syllabus-based education but also to focus on the Child’s Overall

Personality Development. We emphasize Local cultures and Traditions, Family values and Progressive attitudes.

We pay special attention to inculcating values related to health and hygiene.

We served value based, stress-free child-friendly education. Students reached the peak of their talents and abilities

as they not only excelled in academics only but also polished themselves in all the extracurricular activities. Most

importantly the spiritual aura they developed by regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga and Meditation.

“ Success is a journey, not the destination “ – Through close observation of students in the process of learning, the

collection of frequent feedback on students’ learning, and the design of modest classroom experiments, teachers

can learn much about how students learn and, more specifically, how students respond to particular teaching


– Parul Modi

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Godhavi Gam
At Bopal Manipur Road, Godhavi, Ahmedabad-382115, Gujarat, India


Board Line: +91-9327513738, +91-9327613730